Underrated Tourist Destinations of Aklan 2017


Situated at Timbahan River, Liktinon is only approximately 2 hours from Kalibo. Enjoy nature at its best with lush green sceneries, refreshing cold water and be awe with magnificient white rocks of different sizes. Continue reading

Seco Island, Tibiao, Antique: The Paradise Waiting to Unfold and Discover

I was able to come to this secluded paradise island of Seco together with a friend sometime on 2014 as it was suggested to us by our boatman in our prior trip to the now popular Mararison Island in Culasi, Antique. Continue reading

Hinugtan Beach, Aklan’s Next Beach Destination!

Make way Boracay Island as Hinugtan Beach is now ready to introduce itself to the tourist world. Situated in Brgy. Bel-is, Buruanga, Aklan, it is just a approximately 30-45 minutes away from Boracay Island. Continue reading

Concepcion – Iloilo’s Next Beach Destination

Northern Iloilo has been known for its fine white sand islands and beaches thanks to Isla de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo which is getting a lot of attention lately. However, not to be outdone, nearby Concepcion is slowly but surely getting its share of tourists influx. Continue reading

Sagada, Mountain Province: The Philippines Gateway to Heaven

The first time I sat foot to Sagada, I instantly fell in love with the place. It’s like I am on the other side of the planet. Many say that Sagada is what Baguio City used to be before development and commercialization engulfed it. Forget about the long hours of travel (approximately 6 hours by bus from Baguio City) and the very steep and mountainous road as everything is worth it when you arrive there. Continue reading

Sipalay City: The Sugary Paradise

I often go to Bacolod City as my brother and his family reside there. However, last December 26, 2015, literally a day after Christmas, we decided to go further south in Sipalay City which is approximately 4 hours by land from Bacolod City and see for ourselves why a lot of tourists are flocking there lately. Alas, when we arrived there it did not disappoint us. Its long stretch of white to sugary beaches sans the large crowd is a fresh beautiful sight, perfect for those who love and enjoy swimming. Continue reading

Lingganay Beach Resort: The Other Side of Boracay Island

Among the prime tourist destinations of the Philippines, Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan has been the most visited by tourists whether foreign or local, thanks to its greater accessibility either by air, land or water. Having said that, it is also becoming more and more crowded that there are no longer off seasons or off peak in Boracay. Continue reading